Berks T1D Children’s Camp

We were thrilled to be invited to the Berks T1D Children’s camp. Ryan thought it was going to be speaking to a bunch a young kids with diabetes but he quickly learned he would  ended up talking to their parents just as much.

I switched the whole presentation around and occupied one hour of open floor speaking. The ability to play ping-pong with an audience about problems with T1D added a ton of resolution and satisfaction.

It was the first time for Ryan to be speaking in his hometown. There was a large audience of 45-50 parents of kids with type one diabetes.

After sharing stories with all the parents it wasn’t always the most pleasant stories from everyone and the tears were falling. These were difficult stories to hear and tell and it was good to try and bring humor into the finale of the speech as Ryan kept people on a positive note leaving happy. 
These events can be difficult but very rewarding and we are excited to return next September. 
Please head over to their website and check them out. 

Berks T1D Children’s Camp:

  • A support group for children and kids with the disease.
  • Bring both children AND adults together to connect.
  • A non profit organization in need of funding.
  • Provide fun activities to encourage and enjoy their time.