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Founder Ryan Dewald is featured in the Reading Eagle for his athletic leadership with Type 1 diabetics.

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The primary mission of WTRWD is to inspire, teach, and demonstrate how to fully manage T1D, thereby reducing its long-term health risks through a highly active and athletically competitive lifestyle.

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Ryan Dewald was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 34 after a lifetime of elite cycling. He won his first race in June of that year.

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“The real reward for me is talking people off the bridge when they first get diagnosed. Working through those first couple days as a patient or a parent can be devastating. Adding comfort to those people is something I can do forever.”

‐ Ryan Dewald

The work of Winning the Race with Diabetes will be conducted through public seminars and group events. Experiences and techniques for managing Type 1 Diabetes and improving health will be explained and demonstrated.

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