Welcome to our NEW home

You may notice some changes around here? Well, we hope so. Passion led us here, and we hope it keeps you in our Winning The Race With Diabetes family. What started as a project out of passion to help others has grown into foundation that we hope survives for years to come. Apart of that stability means a newly minted website to bring up to date information to you from our activities around the world. As well as giving you and all others an accessible well to donate to the foundation from the ease of your computer.

I honestly never expected this to grow like it has, but the interest we have had from people all over to have us come and speak is amazing. I love connecting with people and sharing my story and am thankful for the opportunity to continue doing so and hopefully change a life or two along the way. – Ryan DeWald

In the new website you will find information about our professional cycling team, Team Skyline as well as information about our origins, our news, and all our upcoming events. We are still in the process of updating our content so bare with us. In the mean time feel free and reach out to us and share your stories, comments, and thoughts. 

2019 will be an exciting year for Winning the Race with Diabetes and we are looking forward to it.