The future looks bright

After our first year of speaking to audiences around the country We also learned to listen. Hearing about the problems from so many different people associated with type one diabetes inspired us to keep going and spread positive, engagement another year.

We really enjoyed having Ryan DeWald and his team here to speak to our hospital. Our group found it both informational and interesting and it was great to reach directly out to people who share the disease so that they could see in person the possibilities for them.

New for 2019 is our all inclusive in group rides/ charitable ride. All proceeds go to WTRWD foundation. (Everything included) follow vehicle. Ride food provided by team nutrition sponsors. Ride route, sore legs, sore back, high average speed, and a large dose of diabetic knowledge. We look forward to hosting friends.

Trying to make the entire program inclusive. Brining people in for a good cause.

NEW for 2019:

  • Charitable foundation ride TBD date & location.
  • Regular group rides both at home and on the road.
  • More speaking engagements around the country.
  • Introducing YOUR stories here on our site